Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dee H
Yesterday was warming up, sketching today, learning about color and doing a painting.
I learned to go back to the start again having learned from the critique, focusing again on color and technique, focusing on seaweed and more focus on seaweed and grass.  I also learned a lot about mixing colors which I had forgotten about ...I wrote down the combinations this time.
Burnt siena and viridian made a good sea grass.  Wash for the rocks, a lemon yellow with a touch
of alizarin.

I learned to sit on my stool without falling off and to wear my cap backwzrds...about mixing color...who would believethat if you mixed burnt sienna with aquamarime bl that you would get get this gorgeous blue gray and also mix aquamarine could be mixed with aliz red and it would give you fabulous blue gay.When it rain son my paper I get snow flakes all over my painting...little star blotches.

Dee D
I have a lot to learn is what I learned...I need to rest...I'm very tired this afternoon.  I need
some bigger watercolor brushed... do some vignettes, smaller waterccolor sketches.  I enjoyed this afternoon and realize the energy it takes to be creative.

Carol C
The sailor noted that I have "3 buck chuck" in the back of my car.  He drinks it too.
Feeling a bit discouraged...I'm finding it challenging to climb out old habits.

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Candy Barr said...

Sounds like an intoxicating time with the colors, discovery and homage to Maine artists past! Very nice Janet.